Balding Remedies

Balding Remedies

Since earning its FDA approval in 1988, Rogaine (minoxidil) has become a household name. At its core, the product is a vasodilator a chemical that dilates the smooth muscles in blood vessels thus, when applied directly to the scalp, it revitalizes shrunken hair follicles and increases their size, eventually leading to thicker looking hair and new hair growth. But proven results aside, Rogaine may not be the miracle cure you seek. The average user must apply it twice a day for four months before any results are visible (and results vary). That’s a big time and money investment for potentially miniscule results. On top of that, discontinuation usually leads back to square one within twelve months. And though side effects are generally mild, Rogaine can cause serious conditions like low blood pressure, vision loss, abnormal heart rhythms, and chest pain. Rogaine undoubtedly works for some, but it doesn’t work for all.

Propecia (finasteride) earned its FDA pedigree almost ten years after Rogaine. An enzyme inhibitor, Propecia blocks DHT, a chemical that can shrink hair follicles until they’re almost nonexistent. What’s more, the drug has also caused hair to regrow in some cases. Average users saw results in about three months. (And similar to Rogaine, discontinuation leads back to where you started in less than a year). One of Propecia’s best aspects is that it’s administered as a once a day pill. But the flip side is that it’s a prescription, so the price always varies and a prescription can be more difficult to obtain. And last but not least, some potential side effects make Propecia a double edged sword: They range from decreased sex drive and sperm ejaculation to abdominal pain and impotence. Who needs hair if you can’t have sex?

The most invasive surgical option in regards to balding remedied, hair transplants are more effective and less conspicuous than ever before. Today’s procedures are less painful, less expensive and exhibit less scarring but still require several visits to complete, which means an obvious transition period. Transplants operate by grafting tiny follicular units from hair growing sections of the scalp to problem areas, so the tiny grafts will be visible until the transplant is finished. (Note: Sometimes "plugs" fall out, take three months to grow and are still visible afterward.) Several options exist (mini grafts, micro grafts and follicular unit relocation), so conduct pre consultation research before making a decision. Hair transplant surgeons and clinics are abound, so begin you’re research here. Should you go this route, a hair transplant could leave you with a much fuller head of hair; but once you’re in this hair
facebook besthairbuy club, it’s hard to get out.

This one is just what it sounds like! In scalp reductions, bald areas of your scalp are surgically removed, and hair baring tissue is stretched over these areas to offset the difference. Scalp reductions are usually performed in conjunction with flap procedures, but not always. Choosing this alternative means electing the most serious surgical option, and should only be pursued under the care of a highly reputable surgeon. If the procedure is not done properly, permanent "stretch back" scars can appear at sites where the incisions were made sure, you’ll have less baldness on your head, but you’ll have jagged scarring to go with it.

Andrews feeling confident in Avalon

Andrews feeling confident in Avalon

"At the end of the day, the people and the voters of Avalon get to decide on Scott Andrews not Stephen Harper, not Tom Mulcair and certainly not
facebook besthairbuy Justin Trudeau," Andrews said. "And you know something? You can never underestimate the power of the voter, and I am totally OK with whatever the voter decides."

Andrews was suspended from the Liberal caucus in late 2014 after allegations emerged of sexual misconduct with a female NDP member of parliament. In early 2015, after an internal investigation, the Liberals made the suspension permanent.

Meanwhile, two strong potential NDPcandidates, Jenny Wright and Jeannie Baldwin, are vying for the party’s nomination in Avalon. The Liberals have nominated Conception Bay South Mayor Ken McDonald, and the Conservatives are in disarray after a messy public fight erupted as a result of blackballing St. John’s lawyer Ches Crosbie’s candidacy.

Andrews insisted Wednesday he hasn’t made a final decision on whether or not he will run for re election.

"My wife and I talk about it every day, and every night, and things change from night to morning every day. But today, I’m having a great day," he said.

Initially, he said he’d make the decision in late August, but an early election call could change the dynamic.

All the same, Andrews said he won’t be rushed.

"You know something, Stephen Harper is going to call an election for his own purpose, so that he can spend an extra $675,000 a day,"Andrews said. "I’m not going to be rushed by Stephen Harper or anybody else. When Susan and I sit down and make the final decision, we’ll let people know."

On the topic of money, Andrews said he’s not too worried if he runs. He said he actually had to politely turn down a donation from somebody on Wednesday because the writ hasn’t been dropped yet.

"I had a fully funded Liberal campaign. Ken McDonald and the Liberal Party have a fully funded $90,000 campaign compliments of Scott Andrews. I’m not afraid of raising money,"Andrews said.

There had been concerns that Andrews running as an independent might split the Liberal vote and allow a Conservative to take the seat; Andrews said he doesn’t share those concerns.

"There is no vote split. The Liberals in this riding are with Scott Andrews. The level of support that I’ve gotten and I continue to receive from them is overwhelming," he said. "And right now, with what happened with Mr. Crosbie and the Conservatives, we’ve even got those people coming to me, too, because at the end of the day they don’t want anybody up in Ottawa telling us what to do."

Andrews said he thinks the Crosbie situation put into stark relief the prime issue of the election for the province:fairness and independence.

"Stephen Harper does not like Newfoundland and has not treated us fairly. And you know, that’s what people want a fair shake,"he said. "It’s all top down, and it doesn’t matter if it’s red, blue or orange, it’s all the same."

Think what you may of him, but he did NOT have any issue prior to this incident.

He is where he is because of an "internal" investigation by the Liberal Party. There were no legal charges and no court, just an investigation that led to Justin Trudeau’s standards not being met for acceptable behavior. That’s all relative to the company you keep. I’ve got my own opinion on Trudeau being high and mighty. He’s a snob. Nice hair though! I would vote for Andrews, and it would not bother me if he was sitting with another political party.

Mr. Andrews should make it very clear to his constituents that as an Independent his ability to stand up for them by being their voice in Ottawa is quite limited.

Regardless which party is in power, whether in provincial or federal politics, an Independent MP is allowed limited time to stand up to speak for anyone. An Independent’s stand up time is relegated by the government of the day and the Opposition party, so be aware that Mr. Andrew’s will always be short changed on key constituent matters.

Woman organizing donations of hair for wigs for cancer patients in honour of late friend

Woman organizing donations of hair for wigs for cancer patients in honour of late friend

STELLARTON Eight years ago, Stellarton teenager Shauna MacBeth lost her battle with cancer, but county residents can do a good deed in her memory and donate their hair to other cancer patients later this month.

Longtime friend Jillian Sexton is organizing the second Snip and Share for Shauna, which will
wholesale wigs give local people the chance to cut their hair and donate it to be made into wigs for cancer patients.

Sexton and MacBeth were classmates from elementary onwards. MacBeth was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2000 and passed away in 2002, when she was just 15 years old.

"Shauna wore a wig and said it made her feel normal I wanted to help others feel like that," Sexton explained.

Two years ago, when the first Snip and Share campaign was held, 50 wigs were made from the hair donated by county residents.

"It takes four pony tails to make a wig, so quite a few people took part," Sexton added. "Everybody was so positive that day, in a real giving mood. We wanted to do it again."

At least eight inches of hair will need to
wholesale virgin brazilian hair be donated. The hair can’t have more than five per cent grey and must be in a healthy condition not heavily dyed.

Participants will get a free haircut and style by a professional stylist in return for their donation.

All ages can donate to the program, Sexton added. She’s hoping some young people will decide to cut their locks in memory of Shauna.

"This is a great chance to teach kids about giving, and a good opportunity for any young girls, for example, who want to have their first major haircut," she said.

So far, only a handful of people have signed up for appointments, but she’s hoping at least 20 people will participate.

She’s also looking for a few more stylists to donate a few hours of their time on May 17 and help out with cutting hair.

All of the hair will be sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes and distributes wigs to cancer patients in need.

And Then Made These Moves

And Then Made These Moves

Disclosure: I am/we are long JNJ, WEC. (More.)I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

SummaryI sold McDonald as I felt the future returns would be diminished.

Last week I published this article which detailed my reasons for selling McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD). As I stated in
besthairbuy facebook the article, it was not easy selling MCD as I had held the stock for 8 years. However, I felt future growth was limited and the high dividend payout would limit future dividend growth.

I decided that if I could find a stock with better long term prospects, I would sell MCD. The stock had to pay a dividend in the vicinity of 3% or more, have good prospects for long term dividend growth, have a solid balance sheet, and have a business set for long term growth.

I keep a list of stocks that I believe are solid businesses and keep an eye on the price action so I am aware when they might become reasonably priced. One of those stocks is Johnson and Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) and fortunately for me, it recently became reasonably priced.

For most investors, JNJ needs no introduction, it is the largest health care company in the world, operating in three segments, consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices. In the second quarter, consumer sales were $3.5 billion, pharmaceutical sales were $7.9 billion and medical devices had sales of $6.4 billion. Let’s take a look at all three of these segments.

Consumer The consumer segment primarily sells personal care products like nonprescription drugs, skin and hair care products, baby care products, oral care products and first aid products. JNJ products, like Tylenol and Listerine, are well known, but consumer is the smallest segment of JNJ.

A few years back, JNJ was embarrassed by a rash of consumer product recalls due to poor safety protocols in the manufacturing plants. The recalls became so bad, that JNJ pulled many of its products from store shelves. After rebuilding their production facilities, JNJ products have slowly returned to the shelf and consumer sales have risen. sales grew 2.1%.

Look for JNJ to try and build their consumer business globally. Many of their products are regional and JNJ would like to expand their distribution. Here is a comment from JNJ management at a recent conference.

"Coupled with the fact that this business can be globalized, many of the brands have been developed regionally, we now think they can be taken on a more global scale."

Medical Devices The medical devices segment sells a wide range of products, such as wound care, surgical sports medicine. women’s health care, products for circulatory disease, blood glucose monitoring, orthopedic joint reconstruction, spinal products and disposable contact lenses. The medical device division recently completed a divestiture of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics which reduced sales for the second quarter. Worldwide medical devices segment sales of $6.4 billion decreased 4.7%. declined 3.9%.

JNJ wants to be number one or number two in all their medical device businesses. Going forward, they want to focus on the orthopedic business as that is where they see the growth. JNJ believes it will file 10 new drug filings by 2019, each with the potential to achieve $1 billion in annual sales. Here is a quote from JNJ’s second quarter earnings call.

" Our focused R strategy and commitment to driving launch excellence to ensure broad access and reimbursement has really come together to make a difference for patients and have this well positioned to continue to drive above industry compound annual growth rate over the next several years. up 3.8%. New competitors in hepatitis C and a divestiture impacted sales results.

Why I am Confident in JNJ Going Forward All the information I gave you concerning the various segments of JNJ business is interesting, but that is not why I bought the stock. I bought the stock for the following reasons. The entire world population is getting old and in need of increased medical care.

I like to buy stocks that have an overriding theme that will increase their chance for success. In JNJ’s case, their unique broad spectrum of health care products makes them an excellent candidate to benefit from the aging world population. Here are just a few facts highlighting why JNJ is likely to benefit from demographic trends.

The United Nations states population aging is unprecedented, without parallel in human history and the 21st century will see even more rapid aging than did the previous century.

The global share of older people (aged 60 and over) increased from 9.2 percent in 1990 to 11.7 percent in 2013 and will continue to grow to 21.1% in 2050. the older population persons 65 years or older numbered 44.7 million in 2013 (the latest year for which data is available). population, about one in every seven Americans. By 2060, there will be about 98 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2013. People 65+ represented 14.1% of the population in the year 2013 but are expected to grow to be 21.7% of the population by 2040.

The increased number of persons over 65 years will potentially lead to increased health care costs. The health care cost per capita for persons over 65 years in the United States and other developed countries is three to five times greater than the cost for persons under 65 years, and the rapid growth in the number of older persons, coupled with continued advances in medical technology, is expected to create upward pressure on health and long term care spending.

One million Americans a year are getting total
facebook besthairbuy joint replacement. That figure is expected to grow to four million over the next 20 years.

Global annual spending on cancer drugs has hit $100bn for the first time

By 2021, annual prescription drug spending will nearly double, to $483.2 billion

Health spending growth in the United States is projected to average 5.8 percent for 2014 24, reflecting the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions, faster economic growth, and population aging.

Those are just a few facts, I could add more, but to me, it is obvious that as the world ages, health care will be a fast growing sector. I am confident, that JNJ, with its over 250 operating companies across the globe, will share in that growth.

6 Sexy Short Hairstyles

6 Sexy Short Hairstyles

And in an era when brevity reigns we now tell whole stories in 140 characters or less short hair seems especially current.

But if you think of it as limiting, think again. In terms of versatility, "short hair
wholesale wigs is the new black," says Rodney Cutler, who sparked a fresh craze for the pixie cut when he famously cropped actress Emma Watson’s hair, post Harry Potter, in 2010.

And to prove the point, Cutler worked with stylists at his salons there are four Cutler salons in New York City and South Beach, Florida to create the adaptable styles shown here.

Real Simple: The how tos for these styles, plus product recommendations

Short, Textured Bob

Works best for: Thicker hair

What to ask for: A short bob with razor cut layers

How tos for this look: Spray on a volumizing product at the roots, then blow dry the roots, using a round brush. Blow hair straight forward from the crown don’t part it yet as you normally would giving the roots lift and volume before sweeping the bangs to the side you prefer. Use a flat brush to blow the hair at the sides so it falls smoothly and sleekly.

Real Simple: Easy braided and bun hairstyles

Easy Swept Back Hair

How tos for this look: For a simple off the face sweep, start with a strong hold setting spray at the roots. Blow hair straight back, raking fingers through hair to keep it piecey. Finish with a little wax to give hair definition: Apply a small amount to the fingertips of one hand, rub together with the opposite and run though your hair.